We are a non-profit organization, created and supported by civil society, established in Jodhpur, Rajasthan since 2012.

GROW arises in a disheartening moment, when its founder saw a dead fish in a lake, suffocated inside a plastic bag, at that moment the world stopped for him and he wondered, as humans and as the most widespread species on earth, What are we doing with our planet, the only known place where life has been able to flourish? We are responsible for the destruction of entire ecosystems, for the mass extinction of species, for global warming, and what actions are we taking to stop it? As a civil society we can do too many things and it is in fact our responsibility, not only depends on our governments or the international agreements of the United Nations.

It is for all this that our efforts are focused on the generation of awareness in civil society, through environmental education and sustainable living, mass campaigns of cleaning of local water bodies, reforestation and greening of areas, with the help of volunteers local or foreign, we deal with socio-environmental problems. We protect the environment and promote our rich culture and heritage. Also promote women empowerment and women safety campaigns.

Our main encouragement is mother nature, we firmly believe that it is the basis of a healthy and happy society, helping any kind of life on earth is the path to peace and sustainability, a sharp mind, healthy constitution and a soul at peace with the surroundings is best equipped to effect positive change.

We work for a better world for present and future generations, focusing on the education received by children, generating social impact generating awareness about environment and natural resources.



Our Project