About us

GROW arises in a disheartening moment, when its founder saw a dead fish in a lake, suffocated inside a plastic bag, at that moment the world stopped for him.

What are we doing with our planet? We, as humans, are responsible for the destruction of entire ecosystems, mass extinction of species, global warming. What actions are we taking to stop it? As a civil society we can do a lot, is our responsibility, not only depends on our governments or the international agreements of the United Nations.

We are a non-profit organization, created and supported by civil society, established in Jodhpur, Rajasthan since 2012.

One of the first efforts of Grow Sansthan, volunteers cleaning the Jalra and removing weeds

“Many small people in small places, doing small things, can change the world”

Eduardo Galeano

Our first efforts started with the traditional water harvesting structures. Water purification and filtration could aid the quality of the ground water sources for the future in a sustainability of water. Modern drilling in to the aquifer is destroying a water table and decreasing the aquifer, the saline water is being pumped out and then is irrigated over the soil which is decreasing the fertility of soil.

We want to give Motivation to people, as we have been motivated by the life in desert areas, we have been looking in water security, planting trees and making nurseries with children.

We work for a better world for present and future generations, focusing on the education received by children, generating social impact generating awareness about environment and natural resources.