Book Donation at Rural Jodhpur Village


In Grow Sansthan we work for quality education for children, thats why the book donation event for the Village community was held, where most families do not have enough resources to provide for the needs basic to its members, however in recent initiatives by residents have begun efforts to create the first school in the community and to open the doors to a new knowledge for children, who mostly do not know how to read or write, and we are happy to be part of and support this noble cause that will have a positive impact on the future of children and the entire community, since they can be inserted in the local economy by more easily accessing resources and being able to carry out their Kalbeliya dance to more people, not only in Jodhpur, but to everyone.

100 books from first to fifth grade, of various subjects, mathematics, social sciences, English, etc. were delivered. The children received the books very excited as they know that the school will be ready soon.

We want to thank our volunteer Natalia Janco, who has come from Mexico to learn more about life in the community and exchange knowledge that benefits both.

Giving the books to the children

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