Collaborative plantation Grow Sansthan and Seventh Day Adventist School Jodhpur


Like every season of monsoon in this region of the Rajasthan desert, Grow Sansthan always seeks to join efforts to generate environmental awareness among the population, and on this occasion we collaborate in the project of greening of the gardens of the “Seventh Day Adventist School” in Jodhpur, on 14th of August 2019, where students and teachers learned how to prepare the land, plant various shrubs and trees to green the area and obtain the many benefits that plants give us, from cleaner air, shade, lower temperatures to home of diverse fauna such as butterflies , birds and squirrels.

Mr Rajesh Joshi giving the guidelines and teachings for plantation

The school has a central patio area surrounded by garden areas on the banks, where they have some flowers and small bushes, however teachers recognize the importance of having a garden with higher density and variety of plants, likewise students They get involved in this interesting activity and learn how wonderful it is to work with nature, providing them with the right information and knowledge so that they increasingly become aware of the environmental situation in which our planet Earth is located, specifically in the desert areas and hot as Rajasthan it is vital to maintain a vegetative cover and plant trees in a massive way.

Students learnt how to prepare the soil and plant a tree or a bush

The children learned to prepare the land for sowing, recognize shrubs and trees as well as the mulching technique to protect the plant from excessive moisture loss.
Grow Sansthan and the Seventh-day Adventist school joined efforts for the environmental education of the new generations, we are happy to collaborate with the education of children.

Teachers also got involved in the activities for plantation


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