Collaborative Plantation Grow Sansthan-Skill India Institute


On August 7, 2019, Grow Sansthan collaborated with the Skill India Government Institution to plant trees in the immediate vicinity of its facilities and thus green more its garden areas, with these actions we collaborate to improve the environment and create awareness in people about the importance of planting trees and caring for them, especially in desert areas such as Jodhpur, as mentioned by Mr. Dharmendra Sharma and Mr. Kailash Sharma who are part of Skill India and its education programs.

Grow Sansthan Planting with Skill india team, using the technique “Deep Irrigation Device”

Skill India is a program created by the government in 2015 so that young entrepreneurs can acquire skills in any field of knowledge and can more easily integrate into a job or generate their own source of income from the start of their own business. Similarly, learning about gardening and maintenance of green areas and reforestation is provided in this place, so Grow Sansthan was required for teaching in this regard.

Skill India Institute Jodhpur

Our president Mr. Rajesh Joshi and the project coordinator Mildred Delgado Huerta were in charge of the practical class in the field, explained how to plant a tree in the right way and the recommendations that should be followed to take care of the tree once it has been planted and thus ensure their survival, among the teachings that surprised them the most was the use of the “mulching” technique which consists of placing a layer of somewhat dense dry matter around the base of the plant as a cover, with the In order to conserve moisture for a longer time and avoid the rapid evaporation of the irrigation water that is placed in the mornings, this allows time for the moisture to seep into the deeper layers and the roots can absorb it, it also serves to prevents overheating of the soil around the plant and to generate a more conducive environment for the growth of beneficial soil organisms that provide more nutrients.

Also the techique adviced for hot and dry areas is th use of a device for “Deep Irrigation” that consist of placing a medium-sized PVC pipe inside the hole that was excavated to plant the tree, so that an end of the tube remains in the bottom in contact with the roots of the tree, then the tree is placed and covered the hole with earth, the tube must be long enough to surface with at least 20 cm off the ground, the tree will be watered on the surface as is normally done and water will also be introduced through this tube so the roots have water available easily withouth much evaporation.

Skill India students and Grow Sansthan volunteers join efforts for plantation

Grow Sansthan is very happy and proud to participate in such events to educate and create awareness about environmental care, as part of our mission, and Skill India is doing a great job.

After plantation Mother earth blessed us with a beautiful heavy rain

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    such a good job, i have seen the grow sansthan job and is very good, i will join as a volunteer. I want to help my city

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