Donation of books and school supplies for Rural Jodhpur Village

Rural Jodhpur Village-Rajasthan

16 July 2019

14 to 16hrs

Donation of books and school supplies for Rural Jodhpur Village

India has, according to the latest data published by UNESCO, a literacy rate of 69.3%.

Its male literacy rate is 78.88%, higher than the female rate which is 59.28% (2011 data). It is important to look at the great difference between the male and female literacy rates, so women have much more difficulty than men in entering the labor market and this is reflected in India’s gender gap index.

If we compare it with the rest of the countries, we see that it is the 116th country in the literacy rate ranking.
A report by the Ministry of Rural Development revealed around 13,511 villages across all states do not have a school.

In this sense, Grow Sansthan seeks to improve the situation of a town near Jodhpur, where there was no school and recently a local initiative has started a project, Grow Sansthan will support with the provision of books from 1st to 5th class.

We are receiving donations, money or material, drop at our office school equipment and / or furniture to equip the new school, also if you would like to support as a volunteer teacher you can register here and if you like to join us in the delivery event (send us an email at you are completely welcome, even if you are a press reporter it would be wonderful if you could cover the event to spread the news and get more support.

See you there!