Free Vaccination & Health Check-Up Camp

Jodhpur Dog Park, JDP 9/93, behind ISRO Center, Kudi Bhagtasni housing board

26 May 2019


Rabies is a viral disease that affects the central nervous system of mammals, including man. It is transmitted through the contact of the saliva of an infected animal, with a mucosa or skin injured or caused by a bite.

Vaccination campaigns for dogs and cats have proven to be an effective method to control and eradicate rabies, combating it from its animal source, breaking the cycle of transmission from dog to dog and consequently from dog to man.

Grow Sansthan is working over animal welfare and better living, and we are collaborating with Jodhpur Dog Park and Government Veterinary Hospital in Jodhpur to make a FREE Health Care and Vaccination Camp, where Veterinary Professionals will check your dogs and apply the needed vaccines as well as providing deworming medicine for your pets.

Dr Mildred Delgado will be one of the Professionals at the Camp, a Mexican Veterinary Doctor who is currently working with GROW team

WHEN?  May 26th 2019, 7 to 11 am

WHERE?  CLICK HERE FOR THE MAP Jodhpur Dog Park, JDP 9/93, behind ISRO Center, Kudi Bhagtasni housing board , Jodhpur.

HOW? Bring your dogs with proper leash, if your dog tends to be aggressive bring it with a proper muzzle on, the owner have to be able to control his or her dogs all the time, the security of everybody is our priority. If possible bring some of the stray dogs in your area to be vaccinated also.


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