Plantation for Independence Day at Jodhpur City!


15 August 2019


Let the trees dance, rivers run and the lions roar

Plantations are transformative actions since trees provide numerous environmental benefits, in an activity that enhances teamwork, environmental commitment and an excellent experience.
We coordinate the project together with local or foreign volunteers, carrying out the necessary coordination and logistics to complete the activity.

Why to plant trees?
Benefits of trees: Trees act against global warming as they absorb CO2 with their growth and reduce heat in cities. In addition, they capture dust particles in the air, reduce traffic noise, give us shade, generate beauty in cities; being shelter and food for insects and birds. In other words, we will have a better quality of life in the city of Jodhpur and greater biodiversity!

What are you waiting for to be part of this change?! 😀
Register now by clicking here and fill out the form with your data, we will send you an email with instructions and details for the day of the event.

IMPORTANT!:The day of the event please bring a plant if possible  Only this type of plant: {Neem,Kaner,Churail,Dhoke,Karanj,Meetha Jaal,Champa,Havan, Tachoma}

-Minimum contribution Rs 100-

Place of Plantation- Sardarpura C Road-Judge Bungalow,Jodhpur


Remember, the plantation of a tree is a big responsibility, because you need to take care of the plant and water it at least once a week in monsoon and winter and twice a week in summer season. Afterwards we will be running watering days for all the plants we will be planting this monsoon. Hope you join us! 🙂

Share the event with your family and friends and convert Jodhpur, the blue city to green!!

Contact us: Sanidhya Joshi 9166 178044, Rajesh Joshi 70142 73487