Ecow Station: The unique fodder park

Project Category : Animal Welfare

Project Location : Panch kund, Shankar gaushala, Jodhpur

“A person who plants at least one Neem, one Peepal, one Banyan trees, two Pomegranates, five mangoes, two oranges and ten flowering shrubs, including creepers, shall never go to hell” -Varah Purana

Our project is to create a fodder park where the cows live at Panch Kund Shankar Gaushala, providing fresh and healthy food to the livestock, including the 3,000 cows around the Mandore area.
The park will include grasses, shrubs, indigenous and fruit trees. The hilly landscape is well-suited to also include a water harvesting structure for the cows.
Through agroforestry—and caring for the cows and local wildlife—the fodder park will improve the ecosystem as a whole!
The fodder park will address:
  • The lack of vegetation cover. With no network of roots to hold the layer of fertile soil and no trees to decrease wind speed, soil erosion is prevalent and problematic, especially during monsoon season.
  • Consistent lack of food sources for the fauna in the area.
  • Trees and shrubs needed to house migratory birds.
  • Better distribution of animal waste to naturally re-fertilize the soils and vegetation cover.

How can you help the project?

When you support GROW Sansthan, you are empowering an organization committed to make real change for the environment and society making a better world. All donations are used to create long-term projects focused on our ecosystem and water resources creating a healthier environment for all humans.
As our project develops, we invite you to visit the Ecow Station, enjoy nature, feed the cows and experience the stunning view from the temple at the top of the mountain.

Stunning view from top of Mountain