Education & Child Welfare

Real education is learning for life,not for grades and that learning should help the society. We held free computer classes for the orphans & down trodden and certified around 1000 students.We started with two students only within some weeks we have the rooms full of students and had to hire more computers to give them required practice.

Later, we were contacted by some foreign institutes/univerties  when they realized that we are doing good in education,water revitalization,sanitation and environmental protection.

The Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability from  Virginia University has co-worked with Grow Sansthan (2015 to present), with its Executive Master in Natural Resources program, sending students to know the water situation in India, as part of the educational program we have shown them our work and how much there is still to be done for water, the great importance of the rescue of the ancestral knowledge and of the maintenance of the ancient structures for sustainable water management in the desert of Rajasthan, and by visiting the stepwells can observe directly the structures and the engineering, reiterating the importance of reactivation of such structures for the sensitization of the population in conservation of water. Winter programs held in Jodhpur with 60 students from USA so far.

Students from University of Virginia visiting Jalra

We have also worked jointly with the educational-excursion organisation “Explorars” which lead programs of recreational education of students from India at different levels, classes at Jal Bhagirathi Foundation has been held, as Bijolai villageworks as model water harvesting structure to teach the students, since 2015 four sessions of educational programs have been led by Grow Sansthan there. The “Explorars” begun to work with Grow in 2015 with 79 students from the 7th & 8th grade, and going on every year until present days, with around 40 to 60 students every year.

Explorars group, class at Bijolai Village

Grow Sansthan have also worked-partner with “Rustic Pathways India” (RP) teaching enthusiastic young people from all around the world about the water issue, and they have also given support as volunteering to continue revitalizing water bodies and sensitizing population. RP summer and winter Programs (2015 to 2017 around 80 students in different groups from USA and Japan), plus 50 to 60 students in different public schools as Saraswati Vidhya Mandir Ucch Prathmik Vidhyalaya,  where the volunteers, were giving classes teaching English, environment and water conservation.Students from both side i.e foreign and Indian were volunteering together at stepwells & plantation sites and that synergy was a great learning experience for the students.