Environmental Ambulance

With the aim of transforming each person in society in order to achieve a positive, ingrained and reinforcing change in our environments. GROW is committed to making this planet a better place to live.
As a charitable society, our means of achieving change are unique: we believe that, while laws and institutions can address social problems as symptoms of a disease, the treatment of the same disease has to cleanse the system of its impurities. A sharp mind, a healthy constitution and a soul at peace with the environment are better equipped to achieve positive change.

By recognizing a need, we make the change in the best possible way. We protect the environment and promote our rich culture and heritage.

One of the projects that is currently being worked on is the development of an “Environmental Ambulance” called PRAYAAN (A trip to a better environment):
As we enter the realm of smart cities, we must also be careful with the environment. Development and the Environment must go hand by hand.
We propose a unique idea of ​​’Environmental Ambulance‘ to serve Ecology and the Environment.

We want to create Love and Respect for our environment among our citizens.

PRAYAAN the ambulance would serve mainly:

  • Provide education related to the environment and ecology.
  • Create awareness and value about water and water resources, including our built heritage, such as stepped wells (bawris, stepwells), etc. (We have been working on this since the last four years)
  • Create groups of young volunteers under the observation of the experts to work on agricultural issues, sustainable living, alternative energy, seed protection, biodiversity, climate change, etc.
  • Water security
  • Sustainable development
  • Participate in interdisciplinary research
  • Develop research-based solutions
  • Evaluate the impact of programs

Environmental Ambulance after a day of work with volunteers

We are living in a developing country and we are about to jump into the league of developed countries, but on the horizon we can see that the environmental challenges are too big to solve and make life a worth. We believe in being responsible stewards of the environment and protecting the health and well-being of our citizens.
A perfect balance in PanchTatva, that is, five major elements Earth, Water, Space, Air and Fire is Environment and any adulteration in PanchTatvas is Pollution. This is how we can define pollution in an Indian spiritual context.
We are grateful that nature has given us the opportunity and the knowledge to share with the world the idea and the concept of environmental ambulance.

We want to create love and respect for our environment among the citizens.

We aim to conduct all actions in a manner that is environmentally sustainable and that protects our citizens. We are proactively working and will work to implement procedures and programs to minimize energy usage, waste production and the environmental impact.

The Environmental ambulance would include-

Tools to maintain the Panch Tatvas i.e five elements, and science has developed them for us. Tools to fulfill intangible, ideas and programs like Environmental impact assessment (EIA) to predict the environmental consequences (positive or negative) of a  project prior to the decision to move forward with the proposed action. Bio diversity, climate change, seed protection etc.

Environmental ambulance is a mobile camper van to carry all the tools and experts to different places around the cities and villages having one media library.

Estimated project cost: 16 lakhs Rupees