PWD Circle, Regreening Jodhpur

This August 15th Grow Sansthan Inaugurate the PWD Circle as Ganga Dolphin Circle

We have been working at PWD Circle at Jodhpur City, we called it Project Ganga dolphin; this is to create awareness about protecting critically endangered species of India. The project included the cleaning of the area, regreening and beautifying the place, then painting the surrounding walls with the pictures of the species we are concerned about. We started on 5th of June 2020 World Environment Day. Many volunteers came, 5 to 7 volunteers working every 2 days every alternate day for at least 2 and half months!

We painted the walls, and wrote about the Ganga dolphin, we grew grass, flower plants, creepers, medicinal plants and some 8 to 10 tree plants, now we are proud to see how this neglected place is now full of life!

We can see how much change we can do, and impact directly in urban regreening and environmental awareness if we join efforts!!

Thanks to all the volunteers who joined this journey! We are unstopable now. VOLUNTEER WITH US AND KEEP IMPROVING OUR WORLD!Donate to our projects.


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  1. GROW says:

    I love how this place looks now! Thanks Grow Sansthan

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