Water Revitalization-Water Walks

Jodhpur city was founded in 1495 with a very intricate and well planned rainwater harvesting system, with stepwells lakes and ponds well connected through a net of channels for providing water to the city, however after decade of 60’s this
structures were abandoned because the piped water started. The revival of this ancient wisdom  and traditional practices are deeply important due to the present climate change and the upcoming water crisis.

Water Walks: Contact us for a enriching experience, walking in a guided tour through the intricate streets of the walled city of Jodhpur where more than 50 stepwells and bawris are living, know the historic, fun and interest facts of this ancient structures. You will be able to click amazing pictures of Blue city and capture the beauty of the water-harvesting structures that still stand with high proud still when many of them are in oblivion. We offer a different perspective of Jodhpur City and we show how communities in the region had develop a rich water  culture, venerating the water considered divine and its conservation is deeply embedded in the sociocultural life, which have helped a lot in maintaining it out of pollution, its use and protection is taken as a collective responsibility and its protected in a very sustainable way.

We offer our professional services for construction and cleaning of water harvesting structures. Consulting services. Classes. 

Less than 3% of the water in the planet is available for human consumption as fresh water and the rest is salt water. The human being extracts 8% of the total annual renewable freshwater and appropriates 26% of the annual evapotranspiration and 54% of the accessible runoff waters, humans plays an important role in the hydrological cycle. The current world population of 7.3 billion is expected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030, 9.7 billion in 2050, the water consumption will also increase, the amount of existing water for all uses is beginning to become scarce and this leads to a water crisis. In addition to this the problem of water pollution and the climate change represent even a much bigger challenge to face.