Dr. Chandrashekhar Pareek

Retired Senior Physician

The NGO Grow Sansthan is doing great in all the areas especially water and environment.They work in the field of Water,reviving stepwells of Jodhpur, water revitalization,Tree plantation etc. their projects are unique in nature mostly and they use innovative ideas, I have seen them working day and night over the plantation over theĀ  median of a Road and nowadays the trees their are quite grown and whenever I drive through the avenue,I see the animals enjoying the shade and pedestrians relaxing out of scorching sun. Against all odds the NGO kept going and now is one of the most established NGOs around in my view. Recently my dog is visited by their expert veterinarian Dr Mildred and now the dog is in good health.They launched a unique concept mobile van called ‘Environmental Ambulance’ which can be a thing every city or village must haveĀ  for the betterment of the environment.I wish them a healthy and fulfilling times ahead.