World Environment Day Awards in Jodhpur 2019

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In the framework of the commemoration of the World Environment Day, several organizations and people working for the environment were recognized, among them Grow Sansthan and its founder Rajesh Joshi, who received the award as an activist in favor of improving the environment and as a “Friend of Trees“. The name of the award is Vriksh Bandhu. The King of Jodhpur was the one who presented the awards, among the guests of honor were architects, lawyers and renowned activists, who are also making efforts to improve the situation of the environment in Jodhpur. Among the main issues addressed in their speeches was the urgent care and attention that should be given to the water situation in the city and the great contribution that Jodhpur has to the world for its famous and immensely useful underground water collection structures (Jalras, Bawris, Stepwells) , which, it should be mentioned Grow Sansthan has cleaned and restored the beauty of these magnificent and ancient structures, returning to the water the purity it deserves. It was mentioned that Jodhpur gets enough rain to supply the entire population if it is properly collected, that is, to relive the use of the Bawris and Stepwells of the city, as in previous years Rajesh Joshi did.
Also, the King of Jodhpur, His Highness Gaj Singh, appealed to those present to stop using plastic bags, instead,use the cloth bag ( like our GreenBag), plastics have an enormous negative impact on the environment and on wildlife around the world, insisted on the importance of maintaining a city clean, placing the garbage in its place but above all stop producing it or reduce the production of waste.

Mr Rajesh Joshi is pleased by getting recognition for all the efforts he is making and above all this, he is happy because slowly now the awareness is coming to Jodhpur. “I am thankful to everybody whoever supported me in any manner, lets keep working together for nature” concluded Mr Rajesh.


2 thoughts on “World Environment Day Awards in Jodhpur 2019”

  1. Grace says:

    Finally his efforts are being recognised. He have been working hard especially for the revival of Kriya ka jalra, Mahila Bag Jalra and Satyanarain Ki Bawri

    1. GROW says:

      Indeed, thanks for your support! Grow Team

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